Avery Grace
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: Sophomore, 16
Family & Friends
Friends: Cheerios, Lilly McMills
Other Information
Strengths: Keeping secrets, acting, expressing her feelings in words and singing.
Weaknesses: She hides her true self to the other students at her school so that she wouldn't be messed around with like they did to unpopular students. She's also very rude, but that's because she acts like those other girls.
Series Information
First appearance: First Steps
Portrayer: Emma Roberts
Avery Grace is a main character in the fanfiction Glee: It's Time. She was created by CrystallineSkies. She made her first appearance in First Steps; the series pilot.


Avery is a cheerleader, and one of the most popular kids in school. Her stunning looks makes her one of the most wanted girls amongst the boys but she never gave one of them a chance, which is because no one knew that she was actually a lesbian. The reason why she never told anyone was because she was afraid that everyone would hate her.

Asides that, Avery had a family that had a lot of financial problems, so that makes her actually very poor. Her rich uncle was always the one who bought her fancy clothes and et cetera as a gift, which she uses to trick people into thinking she's very rich; when actually, she had to work part time at an ice-cream parlour to help out with her family.

Behind everyone's backs, Avery is a shy, timid young girl. She's also very caring and she's one of the only person that regrets slushying 'losers'. In the eyes of everyone else, Avery puts on a show; acting like a bitch and like she owned the place when actually, it was killing her inside to be like the popular kids - always having the urge to punch them whenever they bullied the other kids but she didn't want to get bullied either.

To release her sadness and regret, she writes in a journal which she names 'Cassandra' - who is an old friend of hers who now disliked her for turning into 'one of them'. The letters to Cassandra are her way of showing how sorry she was for crossing into the dark side, and also how she wished she could go back - but her fear of being treated like a loser always, always stopped her.

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First StepsEdit

Avery is briefly seen at the end of the episode with the rest of the cheerios. She slushies the glee club and calls them losers.



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