Ben Lochte
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: Junior, 16
Family & Friends
Friends: New Directions
Other Information
Strengths: Singing, Looks, Athletic, Flirtatious, Intimidating
Weaknesses: Afraid of Rejection, Secretly Insecure About Himself, Attitude Problems
Series Information
First appearance: First Steps
Portrayer: Drew Roy
Ben Lochte is a main character in the fanfiction Glee: It's Time. He was created by Bartieandquick+6. He made his first appearance in First Steps; the series pilot.


Ben was born to teenage parents who gave him up, so he has been raised in a foster home. Because of this, Ben grew up without a strong family and has become a loner. He is mean and bitter, and uses his looks and attitude to get him what he wants. His closest friends are the little kids he takes care of at the foster house, and he has never been in a serious relationship (however, he has had a lot of hookups at gay clubs). Ben desperately wants to find true love and his real family, but is afraid of being rejected.

Season OneEdit

First StepsEdit

Ben auditions for New Directions with Viva La Vida. He decides he wants to change his life, start a new, clean slate. He makes it his goal to find happiness and love. He vows to live his life to the fullest. He is later seen with the rest of the Glee Club in the hallway where they are slushied by Avery and the Cheerios. He sings in Here I Go Again.



Season One:


​Solos (In a Group Number)Edit

Season One
Song Episode Solos with
Here I Go Again First Steps Melissa, Heather, Rose, Stephanie and Garrett