Season One, Episode Two
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Impressions is the second episode of Glee: It's Time's first season, and the second episode overall.


  • Five more students will audition for Glee Club.
  • The New Directions are keen to make a good impression with the public at their Invitationals.
  • Ben and Garrett get closer when they are paired together as lab partners.
  • Heather has some advice to give.
  • Avery puts Rose in her place.
  • Stephanie is out to find herself a man.


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Six Degrees of Seperation  The Script Scott Williams
Broken Hearted Karmin Cassidy Jane Wankerlet
In The End Linkin Park Kevin Summers
Defying Gravity Wicked Abelle Boufae
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Taylor Swift Lilly McMills
Everything Has Changed Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran Ben Lochte and Garrett Daltron Morano
Come Together The Beatles New Directions

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