Melissa Pennington
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: Junior, 16
Family & Friends
Friends: New Directions
Other Information
Strengths: High grades, singing
Weaknesses: She often gets emotionally stressed whenever people don't understand the reason why she does stuff.
Series Information
First appearance: First Steps
Portrayer: Bella Thorne
Melissa Pennington is a main character in the fanfiction Glee: It's Time. She was created by CrystallineSkies.  She first appears in First Steps; the series pilot.


When Melissa was just a little girl, she had always dreamed to be a singer but she never thought that she could do it because everyone had always insulted her whenever she sings. Her mother, however, kept her spirits high by telling her never to listen to them and to just to follow her heart. Melissa had always kept this in mind, never giving up her dreams.

Shortly before her sophomore year began, Melissa eventually finds out that her mother has been suffering from cancer. After a few months, she passed away and ever since then, Melissa had promised that she would one day sing on the radio or on a stage, with hundreds of people watching, and become the person that her mother inspired her to be.

Season OneEdit

First StepsEdit

Melissa vows to do her mother proud and achieve her dreams of being a singer on the radio. She auditions for New Directions and signs with a star next to her name, when asked by Stephanie what the star represents, Melissa explains it is her mother, always with her. Stephanie comforts Melissa as she begins to cry. She auditions with I Look To You and explains how she wants to make her mother proud. She is later seen with the rest of the Glee Club walking down the hallway, to be slushied by Avery and the Cheerios. She sings in Here I Go Again.



Season One:


​Solos (In a Group Number)Edit

Season One
Song Episode Solos with
Here I Go Again First Steps Ben, Heather, Rose, Stephanie and Garrett
Impressions Come Together Scott, Kevin, Rose and Stephanie